Oversea Remittance

Send a Wire Transfer

Beneficiary Transit number (Routing #):

Beneficiary Account number:

Beneficiary Name:

Beneficiary Address:

Beneficiary Phone number:

Purpose of payment:

* South Korea specific wire information and requirements
For corporations: Tax ID/Business Registration Number (10 digits)
For individuals: Government ID (13 characters xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx)  or Passport number


Receive a Wire Transfer

Bank Name: Korean Catholic Church Credit Union

Bank Address: 849 Don Mills Rd. North York, ON. M3C 1W1

Bank Phone: 416-447-7788

Your Name:

Your Address:

Your Phone number:

Your Account Number: For individual CHECK DIGIT, Please contact us

Institution number: 828

Transit Number :20772

Routing/ABA(if funds coming from US: 082820772


  • If the recipient’s information is incorrect when completing the remittance application, the remittance may be returned, and additional fees may be incurred.
  • Remittances exceeding 10,000 Canadian dollars sent or received overseas will be automatically reported to Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC)
  • For information regarding remittance fees, please contact the credit union.

Paying utility Bills

Any union member can pay utility bills such as phone bills and tuition at the credit union or through I-BANKING. 





AFT (Automatic Fund Transfer)

Automatic transfer from other financial institution to credit union

It is a service that regularly transfers the same amount to a credit union account, such as loan payment, monthly installment payment, etc.  

Automatic transfer from a credit union account to another financial institution. 
This is service that regularly remits the same amount from a credit union account to another financial institution, such as employee salary payments and children’s living expense. 

Transfer to another person’s account within credit union
This is a service that regularly transfers the same amount to another person’s account within the credit union, such as paying school fees. 




Account Fee

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