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TitleNotice of a Special General Meeting on Sept. 13, 20232023-09-03 13:52
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Please be aware that the Korean Catholic Church Credit Union Ltd (“KCCCU”)’s Board of Directors decided to have a Special General Meeting date on September 13, 2023, according to the by-law Article 7.


Date & Time: September 13, 2023 (Wed. 5 p.m.)  



                849 Don Mills Rd. Toronto ON M3C 1W1


Agenda: 1. Amendment of the By-Laws by a special member resolution

                   2. Election of a Director, Candidate Mr. Heung Jae Cho


Advance Voting: The Board decided to allow advance voting by visiting the credit union office or by email from September 3 to the special general meeting date.



The Special General Meeting materials including the details of the By-Laws amendment are available at the KCCCU office from September 3, 2023. Any member can have a copy of it.  If you have any questions, call 1-800-993-0341 or 416-447-7788, e-mail


Sept.1, 2023


By Order of the Board



Nam Kwon Choi, Corporate Secretary